Feb. 22-25 2018, Panama City
A public discourse on the modernization and transparency of the Panamá financial system.
Panama Glass Presentation

Panamá Glass is an open discourse on "modernization and transparency of Panamá's financial system." The summit will bring together international experts with local stakeholders and a lucky group of students. The goal of this group is to produce a visionary plan. Topics to include:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Digital Dollar Standard
  • Digital Identity
  • Land and Ship Titles

In 2017 Panamá was hit many times
  1. Included in the EU black list.
  2. Received $250 million loan from CAF for "modernize and improve transparency of the country's financial system"
  3. Found out many government officials received millions in bribes from Odebrecht and others.
  4. Is being pressured to overhaul or eliminate the special economic zones.
  5. Is being pressured to strictly regulate financial technology.

Patrick Byrne CEO Overstock


Jason King Founder Unsung & Academy


Gabriel Abed Co-founder bitt


Anabell Hilarski Co-Founder 200 Social


Alejandro Palomar Co-Founder Blockchain 360 solutions


Adella Toulon Head of Blockchain Cogent Law Group


Cindy Zimmerman Founder TigoCTM


Tomer Avital Founder and Investigative Journalist 100 Days of Transparency


Rachel Fogel Founder DrPrx


Virginia Laniado Lawyer MIG


Giuseppe Cicatelli Partner 300E


Gonzalo De La Guardia Partner DENFAB Law


Jed Taylor Founder Decent.bet


Flor Torrijos vice-president Intermaritime.org


Ira Miller Founder guld


Felipe Echandi Founder PanaFintech


Rubenad Rivera Botacio Entrepreneur & Professor USMA


Randy Hilarski Co-Founder 200 Social


Chriss Mejía Head of UX guld


Juan Kong Marketing & Operations guld

Panama Glass Summit, 2018

Feb 22 – 25, 2018

Students Contest

“Solving World’s Problems with Tech-Transparency”


To choose the best students to assist top world class Though Leaders in making the white papers on their dissertations and thoughts developed in the event Panama Glass Summit 2018.

Contest Rules:
  1. Contest closes on February 12, 2018.

  2. Open to students from all Panamanian universities, public and private. All career fields welcome.

  3. Must be 18 years or older.

  4. Write a paper of 500-600 words entitled, “How I Think Technology Can Increase Transparency and Diminish Corruption in Panama.” The paper will have two parts: In the first part, describe the three top problems you think are caused by the lack of transparency in Panama. In the second part, describe how you think technology can be used to improve transparency and diminish corruption in Panama. Think through the problems and how technology might be the solution.

  5. Submit two copies: one in Spanish and one in English, in either Notepad or Markdown format https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#html to [email protected] or via git to https://github.com/PanaFintech/panama-glass no later than midnight on February 12, 2018. No other formatting will be accepted, including PDF or Microsoft Word.

  6. Include your name, ID number (cédula) and e-mail at the top of the paper. A photo is optional.

  7. You must use endnotes for any references.

  8. The paper needs to include two paragraphs: a. First paragraph to describe the three top problems that you think are caused due to the lack of transparency and corruption in Panama b. Second paragraph to describe how do you think technology can improve the transparency and diminish corruption in Panama to solve those problems.

  9. All students who submit a paper into the contest will receive a personal invitation to attend a free, networking event with a guest at the Blockchain Embassy on Avenida Balboa, including a presentation by Ira Miller. Invitations with specifics about the event will be sent upon receipt of submission.

  10. A panel will read the papers, and choose the winners. The panel will consider: a. Writing style and grammar use in both English and Spanish b. Knowledge of both transparency and technology c. Imagination and creativity of the technological solutions proposed.

  11. All students will be informed via e-mail about the results of the contest no later than February 1.

  12. Winners must be available to attend the Panama Glass Summit and all related activities in Panama City from February 22-25th, 2018.

  13. Panama Glass Summit will have all the rights to the paper and the ideas included. The whitepaper and ideas can be used freely during the event.

  14. **

    Winners agree to assist in all the summit sessions and help the organizers, as needed.

  15. By summiting the paper, you acknowledge and agree to these “contest rules.”

  16. Papers may be be submitted via email to [email protected] or via Git to https://github.com/PanaFintech/panama-glass Explanation on the pull request here

  1. First prize: Cryptocurrencies valued at $400.00 USD

  2. Second prize: Cryptocurrencies valued at $300.00 USD

  3. Third prize: Cryptocurrencies valued at $200.00 USD

  4. Other prizes: Cryptocurrencies valued at $80.00 USD

All chosen winners will receive:

  1. Free attendance to all the event activities.

  2. Certificates as a winner of the contest, assistant to the organizer committee, and co-author of the whitepaper.

  3. Your name placed in the final whitepapers, products of the Panama Glass Summit 2018, to be published in academic magazines, newspapers, social networks, and distributed widely on the internet.

  4. Free attendance to the preparation seminar “How Blockchain Technologies are Solving World Problems.” The seminar will have a total of 24-hours. The sessions will take place at night, from 6 pm to 10 pm, from January 29th – February 5th including certificate of attendance.

  5. Direct contact with Blockchain, Smart contract and Tech-transparency experts.

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DAYS 1 and 2

VIP Work Groups


Doors Open

Film - Decolonize Your Life

Opening Remarks

Ira Miller guld

Coffee Break

Investing in blockchain

A Legal, Financial and Media Perspective

Moderator: Ira Miller guld

Giuseppe Cicatelli 300E

Randy Hilarski Token Magic


Digital Dollar

Gabriel Abed Bitt

Blockchain Law Intro

Adella Toulon Cogent Law Group

Digital Balboa Panel

Moderator: Ira Miller guld

Gabriel Abed Bitt

Aldo Antinori Balboa Coin Whitepaper

Jorge Farias Panamá Blockchain Embassy

Coffee Break

Steem and Local Community

Anabell Hilarski 200 Social


Jason King Academy

Blockchain solutions for corruption

Alejandro Palomar Blockchain 360 solutions


Doors Open

Film - Decolonize Your Life

Panama Blockchain Embassy

Jorge Farias Panamá Blockchain Embassy

Privacy In The Digital Age

Cindy Zimmerman TigoCTM

100 Days of Transparency

Tomer Avital 100 Days of Transparency

Coffee Break

Modernization of Law and Titles

Moderator: Felipe Echandi PanaFintech

Adella Toulon Cogent Law Group

Virginia Laniado Motta International Group

Gonzalo De La Guardia DENFAB Law Group



Jed Taylor Decent.bet

Digital Medical Records

Rachel Fogel DrPrx

Digital Identity Panel

Moderator: Aldo Antinori Balboa Coin Whitepaper

Ira Miller guld

Cindy Zimmerman TigoCTM

Adella Toulon Cogent Law Group

Coffee Break

Land Titles

Patrick Byrne Overstock

Closing Remarks

Felipe Echandi PanaFintech

Group Photo


Days 22 y 23 (Private)

Holiday Inn Panama Canal.

Av. Omar Torrijos Herrera, Panama City.

Days 24 y 25 (Public).

Ciudad del Saber - Convention Center.

Calle Etanislao Orobio, Panama City.